Ends on May 18, 2017

Available funds for students in 2017 will be primarily earmarked to support students registered to compete in the Case Competition.

Students interested in applying for financial support will need to complete the application form and a pro forma budget (see below) detailing costs and funds available to attend the 2017 IFAMA conference in Miami. In addition, students granted financial support will be required to attend an information meeting scheduled on Saturday afternoon (details to be provided) before the start of the conference activities. Students granted financial support may also be asked to discharge small tasks during the conference; this will increase their learning experience.  Details will be provided at the information meeting on Saturday afternoon.

Please Note  

a. As indicated, funds will be allocated primarily to students competing in the case competition.

b. It is unlikely the awarded funds will be greater than what is provided through institutional support (the applicant’s home university / research account / public support etc.)

c. Support will normally not exceed USD $400 (approximately 50% of the conference registration fee for students) particularly for students from High-Income Economies (as defined by World Bank for fiscal 2017).

d. Allocated awards will be distributed in Miami after completion of the Case Competition.

e.  All funding decisions are final.

Award Announcements

March 6: $30,000 will be allocated in first round tranches to qualified applicants received by Feb. 28.

April 17:  $45,000 (including tranche one) will be allocated to qualified applicants received by April 13.

May 22:  $53,000 (including those allocated in the first two tranches) to qualified applicants received before May 17.

How to Apply

1. Create a pro forma budget detailing estimated costs needed and funds available in order to attend the 2017 IFAMA conference. This document should be uploaded along with the application in order to be considered complete.

2. Complete the application form below.

3. Include a photocopy ID or Passport with your application.

Please direct any questions to: Francesco Braga, CEO IFAMA. Email: fbraga@ifama.org 

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